Universität Regensburg

Founded in 1962, the university is a modern campus university on the southern edge of the medieval city. With its broad range of subjects, good student-teacher ratio and excellent infrastructure, it is considered an insider's tip. Initially planned as a regional university, it has developed into a renowned center for research and teaching, where international cooperation with over 200 foreign universities is a top priority.

Higher Education Didactics

Since 2004, the University of Regensburg has been supporting lecturers from all faculties in developing their teaching skills by offering didactic courses. The university didactic program has a modular structure and offers a didactic-methodical interplay of classroom lectures, practical advice and teaching observation. In terms of content, the training focuses on areas of competence that directly affect the activity profile of university lecturers. Basic modules promote fundamental competencies in the design of teaching. Each of the basic modules comprises three to four workshop days; an individual practical observation is an integral part of the module. In addition, the knowledge of higher education didactics can be deepened in one to two-day in-depth courses, depending on individual learning needs and interests.

This offering will be significantly expanded as part of the ProfiLehrePlus project. The aim of the project is the development and implementation of innovative didactic concepts and the integration of university didactics into the organization of quality-enhancing measures at the University of Regensburg.Specifically, the existing open offer is to be supplemented by subject-specific offers, which will meet the needs of the individual subject cultures more than before. In addition, professors are to be addressed as a target group for advanced training in higher education didactics through specially tailored offerings. In addition to the existing format of workshops, new forms of continuing education will be introduced, e.g., through e-learning offerings.

Necessary work packages to achieve these goals are

  •     clarification of the specific training needs in the faculties
  •     the conception of subject-specific advanced training offers
  •     the implementation of needs-based training courses at the faculty level
  •     the development of e-learning offers to support advanced training in higher education didactics
  •     the conception and implementation of advanced training for professors in higher education didactics