Universität Bayreuth

There are 10,700 students enrolled at the University of Bayreuth (SS 2012).
The university's profile fields include the following main research areas: African Studies, High Pressure and High Temperature Research, Macromolecule and Colloid Research, Ecology and Environmental Sciences, New Materials, Molcular Biosciences, Nonlinear Dynamics, Comparative Culture and Intercultural Processes, and Dynamics and Order - Development of Legal Culture and Economy.
A total of 33 bachelor's, 40 master's and eleven teacher training programs (teacher training for secondary schools, vocational schools and grammar schools) are offered in these subject areas.

Higher Education Didactics

The Center for Continuing Education in Higher Education (FBZHL) is responsible for the development and implementation of continuing education programs in higher education didactics at the University of Bayreuth. The aim is to enable teachers to teach, advise and examine in such a way that they can optimally support the study activities of their students. The expansion of their own repertoire of methods should additionally enable effective course preparation as well as the target group-oriented implementation of events.

For the University of Bayreuth, it is important to ensure that academic staff and professors have the opportunity for further training and professionalization in higher education didactics. Since lecturers at universities usually do not have didactic and rhetorical training, corresponding offers are of particular importance. The quality of teaching is to be continuously improved with the help of further training courses in higher education didactics.

The range of seminars offered at the University of Bayreuth's Continuing Education Center for University Teaching, which has existed for several years, is being expanded by the "ProfiLehrePlus" project and also supplemented with a variety of consulting services. Of central importance here are individual, subject-specific seminars as well as seminars for the target group "professors". For the individual support of teachers, the FBZHL offers a consultation hour for university didactics, as well as teaching consultations, collegial observation and video feedback. Student tutors can attend tutor training courses. Quality and results are assured through regular evaluations and participant surveys.

In addition, FBZHL is directly networked with the continuing education centers for university teaching at the universities of Erlangen-Nuremberg and Bamberg and offers a joint seminar program here. The project "ProfiLehrePlus" now also enables a more intensive cooperation with the centers for higher education didactics of all Bavarian universities.

Website: fbzhl.uni-bayreuth.de