Universität Würzburg

The Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg is an internationally renowned university with a broad spectrum of subjects. Rooted in Würzburg and Mainfranken, it has produced achievements of global significance in research and teaching. This is the basis of its identity, which it also sees as an obligation to continue providing excellent research and teaching in all scientific fields in the future.

Founded for the first time in 1402, the University of Würzburg today offers more than 100 fields of study in the humanities and social sciences, the natural and life sciences, medicine and selected areas of engineering, preparing our students for a wide range of careers. The main task of the university is to closely align its teaching with current research. One of the university's goals is to strengthen interdisciplinary collaboration in order to address exciting issues between different fields of knowledge. JMU is committed to interdisciplinary and sustainable development of its university through continuous quality improvement processes.

The university always sees research and teaching at an international level as a responsibility towards the concerns of society and ethical values. This attitude is also reflected in the mission statement: "Veritati": committed to truth.

[Translate to English:] Hochschuldidaktik

ProfiLehre- is the program for academic continuing education of the Bavarian universities for the professionalization of university teaching. Since 2005, the individual universities of the Free State have been offering courses in higher education didactics and coaching for their academic staff, thus establishing an exemplary project, which is now, since the end of 2011, presented under the umbrella of the University of Bavaria in the network (ProfiLehrePlus).

ProfiLehrePlus combines the universities' scientific knowledge in the areas of learning and teaching. In doing so, it serves to qualify the scientific teaching staff to face the thus changing requirements in the everyday professional life "university". Success in academia today is based on excellence in research and teaching, and yet has many components beyond these, for example networks, management skills, leadership qualities and systematic career planning.

In addition to subject-specific offerings at the faculties, coaching offerings in particular are being introduced and promoted by ProfiLehrePlus. In seminars, workshops and lectures, the university's lecturers receive a wide range of further training opportunities in order to permanently raise teaching quality to a higher level.

Seit November 2010 an der Universität Würzburg das Servicezentrum innovatives Lehren und Studieren (ZiLS) gegründet wurde, gehört die ProfiLehre zu dieser Stabsstelle der Hochschulleitung und bietet wissenschaftlich Lehrenden Beratung sowie Unterstützung um die Qualität der Lehre stetig zu optimieren und gleichzeitig den wissenschaftlichen Austausch in Netzwerken zu diesem Zweck zu forcieren. So ist die ProfiLehre an einer zentralen Schnittstelle zwischen allen Akteuren der Universität im Bereich von Studium und Lehre eingebunden.

Link zur Homepage: http://www.profilehre.uni-wuerzburg.de/