Universität der Bundeswehr München

The University of the Bundeswehr Munich was founded in 1973 with the aim of providing officers and officer candidates with a sound scientific education that also prepares them for a civilian career - after all, most temporary soldiers leave the Bundeswehr after twelve years. Since its founding, student numbers have risen steadily: Today, around 3,200 students are enrolled, including about 250 women, 40 civilian students and about 150 foreign students.

Higher Education Didactics

As an associated partner of the Bavarian state universities, the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich is pursuing the continuous expansion of the continuing education offering as well as its increasing differentiation according to subject areas and different groups of teachers. Here, the now professionalized cooperation of the Bavarian universities offers the advantage that the continuing education offering in the association will be more comprehensive and differentiated than the offering of one university alone. In this way, courses that could not be held at any of the Bavarian universities due to insufficient demand at the local level can be offered as one-off, state-wide programs to expand the program portfolio for teachers in a meaningful way.

In addition, teachers will benefit from a joint Internet presence of all network partners. With the help of a state-wide program catalog available online, interested parties should be able to find out about the current course offerings of all Bavarian universities and enroll online statewide. A teaching platform will provide online access to teaching materials.